VR training and safety days

Our offer ranges from very short introductory sessions to various safety training courses, each of which includes VR training. Workshops with VR or Safety day(s) are also available.

Goal of Virtual Reality Training

There is an important distinction to be made between training and education. I refer for more background on this to my E-book with tips&tricks to increase its impact.

In the case of safety training/education, quite often everything is lumped together. First and foremost, there is usually a “mandatory” nature. Certain certificates or competencies must be able to be demonstrated in order to perform a task.

There are also many existing legal obligations that an employee must comply with. The “mandatory” nature is not only pernicious for the motivation of the participants, but in this way, one often misses the real goal of this type of education/training: to prevent even more workplace accidents and ensure a safe(r) work environment.

Therefore, if one really wants to make a difference and have a real impact on safety, it is extremely important to put sufficient focus on training and
not just on “educating” according to the above definition.

The training offer

Our offer varies from very short introductory sessions of half an hour (for a toolbox, for example) to half-day or full-day safety trainings in which VR training is always a part of it.

The VR training can be combined with any other training (e.g. workplace safety communication, together with another safety training or workshop).

Organizing a full safety day is also among the possibilities.

Fixed locations

The organization of a VR training can take place at one of our fixed locations: Mechelen, Leuven and Kortrijk.

The minimum number of participants is always 10 people, the maximum capacity depends on the schedule we make together but can go up to several hundred participants per day.

Each location is comfortably furnished and equipped with all the necessary tools to make training run smoothly (smart boards, meeting rooms, screens, reception areas, etc.).

All kinds of catering can also be provided at our locations and a combination of training with team building (VR games) can be done.
Thus, the training day becomes a day where you can combine the useful with the pleasant. Fun and success guaranteed!

VR Base Mechelen

Kruisbaan 54
2800 Mechelen

VR Base Leuven

Brusselsesteenweg 406
3020 Herent

VR Base Kortrijk

Engelse Wandeling
8500 Kortrijk

Rather on your site ? Using our VR pop-up arena

If you prefer the VR training to take place at your company, that’s something we can do as well. If you can provide the necessary space for us as well as an electrical outlet, we only need 1.5 hours to set everything up. Then you can start training up to 80 people a day in VR.

The necessary space is the most important thing because we believe very strongly in the free-roam VR where you can walk around freely. Indeed, this is the only way to truly ensure that no participant gets motion sickness and the VR training becomes an unforgettable experience for everyone.


During the VR session, a lot of data is collected from the participants
which can be used immediately afterwards by the instructor to
give feedback.

This is done through a very user-friendly portal where
both the instructor and the participants will have access to. Via a personal login, everyone can go and revisit their session afterwards and analyze results. In the training itself, of course, we use only the group results.

Different access rights are provided so that an employer can also evaluate which safety topics in the company might need some extra attention.

The different sectors

For a lot of different industries, we already have existing standard
environments built. Call it our own ‘metaverse’.
In addition to the various standard environments, it is also possible to create a
‘digital twin’ of your particular workplace.