Different sectors

Choose from the various standard environments or create a digital twin of your specific workspace.

VR safety training
for your industry

The familiarity of the environment is very important for participants to be motivated to get started in a training course. Therefore,
we built different environments recognizable to each sector.

For example, it is appropriate to train employees from the construction industry on a typical construction site and similarly for participants from the industrial, petrochemical or energy sectors.

If you want to go even further, it is also possible to quickly start using your company’s digital twin as a training environment. We are happy to review with you what needs to be done for this.

Not only is the environment different according to the industry, so are the risks. Finally, the safety rules applied and the possible solutions may even vary greatly from company to company. Our software is built in a way so that all these parameters are adjustable.

Curious about the possibilities for your sector?

We are happy to review with you the various options. Contact us to find the best solution together and discover during a demo-session what can be done in a fast and easy way.

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