The Hazard Factory works very closely with training partners and corporate academies. This allows us to very quickly find the right tutor with appropriate expertise in your sector.

Why partner with The Hazard Factory?

With a partner like The Hazard Factory, you can take advantage of VR technology while remaining focused on the content and quality of your training. You don’t have to worry  about everything else: hardware, software, networks, investments, logistics, … in short, everything that comes with VR training.

We take care of the VR support for training centers from A to Z. Modernly equipped meeting-training rooms and technicians who manage VR training will be used in our locations.

There is always ample parking in these 3 locations (Mechelen, Leuven and Kortrijk) and we even provide catering so that participants are perfectly welcomed during training.
Finally, we can also come on site at your training location or at the client’s site with our mobile VR arena.

We have a comprehensive software platform that instructors can work with very quickly to immediately use the data from the VR training in their feedback sessions. We also provide train-the-trainer sessions so that trainers feel very comfortable working with this data platform.

Partners of The Hazard Factory

Our training partners are selected based on their expertise in
various safety domains, knowledge of your industry and their great professional competence.

They are always experts with a lot of practical experience who
want to look beyond the purely theoretical. Thus, the knowledge gained also becomes a new acquired competence.

Interested in becoming a partner?

Do you also want to make a real difference as a training center? Do you want your clients and instructors to work with this exciting and innovative way of training ?