How works a
VR safety training?

Virtual reality training

A VR Safety training course is suitable for groups of 10 or more and lasts about 4 hours each time. This includes 2 x 30 minutes of VR training with subsequent feedback moments each time.
Depending on the results and the time available, further zooming in on security topics that are less well managed by the participants.

We will have the sessions take place in an arena at VR Base, or at a convenient location of your choice.
Starting from 25m², an on-site mobile VR studio is also possible, but we recommend as large a space as possible for the best experience (ideally 15m x 15m).
In a 15m x 15m space, 10 participants can always participate at the same time. If the space is smaller, we also proportionally reduce the number of simultaneous participants.

A manual is provided for your moderators, they are also given a concrete introduction. If you want the training to be part of a broader safety campaign within your company, we can work with you on that.

Up to 30×30 meters of training area

Locations all over Europe

4-hour VR training session

Up to 40 participants in the same session

Follow-up through the web application

All management is done through a multilingual Web application. In it, different profiles can be created, each with its own functionalities.


Follow up


Safety topics

Chemical hazards / Fire hazards / Electrical hazards / Confined spaces / Emergency protocols / Environmental hazards / Ergonomics
Documentation / Working at height / Work preparation / Work methods / Psychosocial aspects / Lifting / Hoisting
Tools & machines / Flange assembly / Order and cleanliness / PPE / Traffic / First aid / Asbestos / Scaffolding, ladders & platforms

The right technology
in the right place

A VR experience at The Hazard Factory happens in a large room where you can move around freely and take in the entire virtual environment. Participants simultaneously keep their feet firmly on the real ground, thus getting the optimal experience.

The technology is designed for an arena of at least 25m² meters and up to 1200m². This allows us to accommodate up to 40 participants at a time! We attach great importance to ensuring that a team training truly becomes a team experience.

These arenas are available from our partner VR Base, or  are set up by us, if desired, at the chosen location in no time. The only thing that must be present at the location is power. We take care of all the rest.