The Hazard Factory

Many people turn up their noses at yet another safety training.
With The Hazard Factory, we can help you with that and that problem will be a thing of the past.

About The Hazard Factory

Relying on a very broad experience in the installation and construction engineering world, we offer a diverse range of virtual reality safety trainings. On a job site, the situation and environment are constantly changing. This is why quality training is such a big challenge because it is different for each group of participants. Risks are often recognized too late or even not at all. However, we know that as many as 80% of site accidents can be prevented if we recognize and solve them in time.

Using VR technology, employees can be taught to recognize hazards much faster (awareness) and how to deal with them (safety behavior). The advantage is that through the VR glasses, people are truly fully immersed in the topic: there is no room to be distracted by the smartphone or anything else.

We combine a specific work environment with the appropriate risks associated with the client’s activity or the participants’ profession. Existing customer environments can also be set up. Specific safety requirements and risks can be flexibly adapted. Even the language of the questions and feedback can be set individually for each participant. This will make it recognizable and accessible to all participants.

The number of workplace accidents is directly proportional to the amount of time employees are exposed to risks. At The Hazard Factory, we believe we can drastically reduce this exposure time by making employees more alert to safety hazards using hands-on VR training.

So don’t leave risk to chance!


Wouter Van Derbeken has been active for 25 years in various sectors (automation, mechanical engineering, elevators, electrical works, high voltage, piping, metal construction).

The ambition of a safe workplace has always been the common thread throughout his career. First as a project leader, later as a Business Unit Manager in various companies, including his last position as Director of Operations Support at a large installation company (1800 employees and at least as many subcontractors) in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Now he couples his professional passion with state-of-the-art technologies. Thus, together we create a disruptive model, with which every party involved takes giant steps in the right direction.

Partnership Spectr

The Hazard Factory works very closely with Spectr, known for its professional VR developments.

Spectr’s specific, customized technology allows for group training (from 10 to 40 participants at a time). The training emphasizes team performance, distinguishing it from other (individual) VR training. Safety and caring for your colleagues is in the first
place the responsibility of the entire team.

VR technology, meanwhile, is a high-performance technology, and more than ever the way of the future. There has never been a better time to start working with it
and bring change in the approach of training!